May 30, 2021
Smarter Homes Now Come Standard

"Smart home" is a phrase that gets thrown around a lot in marketing materials for new homes. But what most builders really mean when they talk about "smart homes" are regular homes for which the buyer has the option to purchase several smart upgrades.

That’s not the case at Poetry Living. We’ve partnered with Homewave Smart Connect to build our new homes smart right from the start.

Homewave Smart Connect’s system gives you convenient control over your home security, thermostat, lighting and water flow. Through an app on your smartphone, tablet or computer, you can remotely access, monitor or adjust your home’s smart features. That includes:

• Locks
• Motion Detectors
• Cameras
• Heating or Cooling
• Lawn Sprinklers
• Flood Monitor

The security system comes equipped with remote arming and disarming capabilities. While keys and garage door openers are still compatible with the smart locks, you can also use your smartphone, which means losing your keys will no longer be the source of stress it once was.

Forget to close your garage door? The app will notify you after you’ve left the prescribed geo-fencing radius so you can close it remotely.

Between the two standard smart lighting controls and the app, you’ll be able to standardize a schedule. Have the lights on when you arrive home from work and shut off when you go to bed without a second thought. Want to optimize energy usage? You can monitor that through the smart energy metre on the app. That system can also interpret short- and long-term patterns to alert you if your HVAC or other systems require maintenance.

Room temperature monitoring allows you to customize the climate by room, which means fewer fights over control of the thermostat.

Finally, manage your outdoor sprinkler systems from anywhere in the world. Inside, the smart flood water sensor will immediately alert you if water is detected in the basement and shuts off the water flow, so you avoid costly flood damage.

All of this now comes standard in Poetry Living Homes. Also standard: a pre-construction design consultation which enables you to customize the placement of monitors and switches; an onsite system configuration test to ensure everything is functioning as expected; and full system support to troubleshoot any difficulties that may arise.

Poetry Living will cover the first-year costs of the remote access and notification monitoring system, which makes for one less thing you need to worry about with Poetry Living smart systems.

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